About Us

Trans Lit Mag is a continuously-expanding quarterly name-changing online literary magazine.

Christina Phelps is a writer and bartender in New York City and the founder and editor of trans lit mag.  She has a master’s degree in Humanities and Social Thought from NYU, and if you’re surprised she’s not traveling abroad right now, so is she.  (Next stop, Guatemala!)  In recent months, we almost lost the bamboo but the trimmings are busy growing roots, the cat is thriving, and the typewriter is still a Remington 5 that I’m guarding with my life.

Elana Seplow is a native New Yorker and a poet.  A graduate of the Barnard Creative Writing program at Columbia, she is the recipient of the 2009 Burns Society Prize and the Helene Searcy Puls Poetry Prize.  She has an MA from Oxford in Early Modern English Literature and a firm handshake with a too-quick release.  She is, after all, a young graduate.  And the delighted poetry editor of Trans Lit Mag.