Issue #12

Spring/Summer 2014


Table of Contents

1 Cover – “Line Composition-3” by Juan Israel Espanol (Media: Ink on Bristol. Size: 8.5″ x 11″)

3 Letter from the Editor

4 Contributors

5 Events

6 Photography – by Keith Moul

7 Poetry – “Mirror, Mirror” by Colin Dodds

8 Poetry – “My Permission” by Colin Dodds

9 Photography – [two] by Keith Moul

11 Poetry – “Emily as the Wind Strikes” by Darren C. Demaree

12 Poetry – “Firework Over the Retention Pond #52” by Darren C. Demaree

13 Photography – [two] by Keith Moul


Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

This is where I write something nice about spring in New York, about blossoming and rebirth and the crazy weather and the wind in our hair, and about this thing the transistor, about transferring across a resistor, “the modern become ancient,” as contributor Hubert O’Hearn put it, about the amplification and alteration of these signals, whether words or electricity, and I was thinking about this electricity between people, whether passionate in the sense of sexual or romantic chemistry or in the sense of making a connection with someone, perhaps in the way literature reaches across time and space, the way our newer technologies allow us to in ways that were only imaginable before a few years ago, redefining the way we think about connection, the way we think about communicating these human truths, or miscommunicating them, these primal and high voltage things, synapses firing,  like the need to communicate across the resistance of not being able to put things any more precisely than an attempt at communicating them at all, but we do because have to and because we know it will be beautiful.  Warmest,

– Christina Phelps


Darren C. Demaree is the author of As We Refer to Our Bodies (2013, 8th House), Temporary Champions (2014, Main Street Rag), and Not For Art For Prayer (2015, 8th House).  He is the recipient of three Pushcart Prize nominations and a Best of the Net nomination.  He is currently living in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children.

Colin Dodds grew up in Massachusetts and completed his education in New York City.  He’s the author of several novels, including WINDFALL and The Last Bad Job, which the late Norman Mailer touted as showing “something that very few writers have; a species of inner talent that owes very little to other people.”  Dodds’ screenplay, Refreshment, was named a semi-finalist in 2010 American Zoetrope Contest.  His poetry has appeared in more than a hundred publications, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Samantha.  You can find more of his work at

Juan Israel Espanol is a Pirate, Poet and American Artist. He was raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn and South Ozone Park, Queens, NY.  He is a former designer for Crate & Barrel and Retail Manager.  Juan has visited 48 states, has lived in 7 cities and has a deep appreciation for home.  He studied design and architecture in Chicago while living in Oak Park, IL and considers his time there as having a strong influence on his current illustrations.  He is married to a Librarian and lives in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York.

Keith Moul’s poems are widely published.  Recently two chaps have been released: The Grammar of Mind (2010) from Blue & Yellow Dog Press and Beautiful Agitation (2012) from Red Ochre Press.  He also publishes photos widely.  In fact, in 2010 a poem written to accompany one of his photos was a Pushcart nominee.  Broken Publications published full-length collection of poems/photos called Reconsidered Light and is preparing his latest chap called To Take and Have Not.


5.14.2014 – trans lit mag begins transmitting issue #12, “transistor.”



by Keith Moul

Desert shot: Ca 216-1 Nr. Palm Springs



Mirror, Mirror

by Colin Dodds

The bar,

after some investigation,

is just a bunch of people sitting around

But, if you are so charged, it is a river

that runs from unseen tributaries

to the attainment of your desires

and to the confrontation of what thwarts them

And I have been so charged for so long

that even now I suspect

I’ll never be adequately discharged


My Permission

by Colin Dodds

Barreling down the street

in my pork-thick skin,

I weigh a fortune.

I don’t go home anymore.

Alcohol, fervor and loneliness

are the new seasons that hold down the sky,

adhere colors to their objects,

and move me through the strange spasms

of revelation.

On my long, winding walk home,

I stop for a mayonnaise fix.

There is bourbon in my snot

and a wad of bills in my pocket.

My coarse face reddens, snarls

at the fishtailing dawn, at death

“Don’t fucking bother. I’ll handle it.”

God condones it all.

Nothing could be clearer.




by Keith Moul

Can 294-1 Alberta Jasper Natl Park

Can 369-1 Alberta


Emily as the Wind Strikes

by Darren C. Demaree

If you see an apple

orchard flying past

your house, that is

Emily showing

no pity to nature

& if you see me,

holding the seeds

of a dozen apples,

it is an apology

for I knew not

what it meant

to blitz the world

with this intent

(to abstract, to re-

assemble a love

for art’s purpose)

& when I lost

control of Emily,

the pieces of her,

I did not know

you would find out.


Firework Over the Retention Pond #52

by Darren C. Demaree

To follow the water

is to say it lifted us

& common wisdom

knows the honor

of better than all that.

Oh to blaze, to be fire

& to stay in the pit!

Resonance, through

the non-tide, takes

the embrace of elements

& loses the undertow

as well, the divinity of it.




by Keith Moul

Iceland 344-1 NE to Akureyri