Happy anniversary to us!

It’s been such an honor to have been able to publish the amazing pieces that have graced our digital pages over the last two years.  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has submitted their work.  My college advisor used to say that submitting was like giving birth.  He was urging me to do it, and what he meant was that you can’t keep it all to yourself, but I couldn’t help but think (and still do!) that he meant it was painful but necessary.  So another thank you to all of our contributors, past and future, and a major shout out to all of our readers.  We can’t keep doing it without you!

We’re also extending issue 8 through Dec 21, summer and fall all in one place, and we’re still accepting submissions for this issue, “transpire,” until further notice (probably Thanksgiving).  Send us your visual art, fiction, poetry, essays, short plays, reviews, character sketches.  We love mail.

Anniversary party coming in the next few weeks!  Exclamations!