books by contributors

Some of our very talented contributors have recently had or will shortly have books published, and whether we mentioned them once and those notices have drifted into the ether (due to the old blog vanishing when we moved to FatCow) or the news is slightly newer, I wanted to celebrate them all in one place, so here goes, in no particular order.

Howie Good (issues 3 and 5)’s new book of poems, “Dreaming in Red,” is available on lulu.

Mitchell Waldman (issue 2)- “Petty Offenses and Crimes of the Heart” is available on Amazon.

Eric Sasson (issue 1)’s “Margins of Tolerance” is forthcoming from Livingston Press.  (Preorder it in the Amazon box on this page.)

And Anna North (issue 2)’s “America Pacifica” came out last May.

If I’ve left anyone out or you are a contributor with news to share, shoot me an email.

Lots more fiction and poetry and reviews and essays and visual art on the way in issue #6, transect.  xo


Update: Issue 5 contributor John Taylor has had four books come out in recent months (four!), three translations and a collection of essays:

Pierre-Albert Jourdan, “The Straw Sandals: Selected Prose and Poetry,” translated by John Taylor, Chelsea Editions; Philippe Jaccottet, “And, Nonetheless: Selected Prose and Poetry 1990-2009,” Chelsea Editions, translated by John Taylor; Jacques Dupin, “Of Flies and Monkeys“, translated by John Taylor, Bitter Oleander Press; and John Taylor, “Paths to Contemporary French Literature,” volume 3, Transaction Publishers.